Nina Hartmann (b. 1990) is a multidisciplinary artist practicing primarily out of Providence, Rhode Island/New York, New York. She received her BFA with an emphasis in Art History, Theory, and Criticism from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Spring 2013. Hartmann utilizes Printmaking, Photography, Painting, Collage, and other mediums to explore ideas of transformation, destruction; transformation through destruction, symbols, universalities, collective unconsciousness, anxieties, perception, spirituality, hypnosis, cults, possession, and more. 

Much of Hartmann's recent work is made through a rigorous process of deterioration and transformation through the use of photocopying.  Using undisclosed images as her starting point, Hartmann photocopies images until they are unrecognizable. She then takes a tiny fragment of the image, and utilizes printmaking techniques to transfer it on to canvas. The work explores the potentiality that all images hold.

Hartmann is very interested in the process of manipulation of symbols. Her practice attempts to explore the possibilities of mind expansion through visual experience, especially through the utilization of universal symbols. The work intends to affect the viewers perception, and question preconceived notions of what symbols mean.

Hartmann also focuses much of her practice on creating, publishing, and curating artist books and zines.  She recently released 2 books titled I Stabbed My Third Eye on Bronze Age Editions, and Pure Reality with 8 Ball Zines. Besides releasing work in traditional Xeroxed zine format, Hartmann has also produced small edition, silkscreened artists books, ranging from 1-4 copies.